Residential custom furniture

Storm Concepts has many years experience in designing and building striking display and storage solutions for homes around Perth. Projects include built-in wall-wide shelving units, large AV storage cabinets, workbenches, kitchens as well as a range of tables and stools.

The materials used for these pieces of furniture include use plywood, reclaimed wood and veneer. Depending on the desired feel of the furniture, the materials can vary from new timber from quality WA suppliers, offcuts available from previous work, to specific lots sourced from salvage yards.

All projects are made-to-measure based on a clients’ brief and often involve a site-visit to iron out all details before the build begins.

Here’s what one of our clients had to say about our work:

“Steve is the ultimate professional, whose ability to communicate effectively and punctually is an added bonus. Steve makes sure he does site visits to assess the job properly and speaks to you directly about your vision. He provides quotes without delay, confirm specifications and books the job in as soon as possible, always communicating along the process. And, as an added bonus, he makes beautiful cabinets to suit custom spaces! I highly recommend Steve if you’re after an cabinet maker who understands his craft, as well as his customer’s needs, timeline and budget.” – Cat

Below are images of some of our recent projects. If you would like some more details on any of these projects, please let us know.

Floor to ceiling built-in cupboard with ply doors

This extra-high storage space was a welcome addition to a Fremantle cottage. The frame is made out of cost-effective white melamine board and the doors are made from 18mm marine ply finished with a Danish furniture oil.


Stools made from reclaimed wood and recycled fabric

The character of used materials is evident in these one-off stools: the wood used was sourced at kerbside collections or from crates and pallets. The fabric is actually part of large discarded exhibition banners. They are as much eye-catching as useful: they offer storage space inside with the removable top. We have enough materials to match your style and colour scheme.


Feature wall cabinets and office furniture

A series of plywood boxes are used in a number of areas in this modern home to create stylish and practical storage and office space.


Loft bed with ample storage

This award-winning loft bed (Dad-Of-The-Century Award) makes perfect use of the space and the high ceilings available. A typical Storm design, this special piece it is made out of ply and features playful curves and lots of storage space. The stairs double as a set of stacked drawers. The built-in desk makes it perfectly suitable for a teenagers room.


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Large built-in AV unit

This extra long 6.8 meter AV cabinet features Tasmanian Oak veneer with a clear satin polyurethane coating.  Custom built, and wrapped around an existing feature wall with screen and fireplace. The subwoofer for the surround sound placed out of sight behind the perforated panel.


Large built-in free flow cabinet/window seat

This eye-catching cabinet prominently features plywood off-cuts from previous jobs and has plenty of curves and hidden storage.


Office kitchen make-over

This small kitchen in a Fremantle office was updated with new A-grade 17 mm hoop-pine ply doors, finished with fine furniture oil. Make-over also included a new bench top and sink.


Table and Chair

Made out of Victorian Ash, this matching table and chair, with typical ‘Storm details’ will become a family heirloom.

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These are only a few examples of Storm Concepts Custom Furniture. We will continue to add examples of completed projects.

If you are interested in having Storm Concepts design/build a piece of furniture for you please don’t hesitate to give Steve a call on 0402 783 765 or send us an email.