Market / shop displays

Earring displaysWe build all kinds of display solutions for market stalls and displays in shops.

The solutions we offer include jewellery stands, trestle tables, free-standing shelving units, cake cabinets, plinths, crates and pegboards. All products are made to order and can be made to the exact size you require.

“Steve was great to work with. He understood the needs of a market stall setup and a tight budget and was responsive to making the setup work for my products. He was easy to communicate with and made the setup really quickly for me!” – Elwyn

On this page we have listed some of our recent products, including measurements and an indication of costs, to give you an idea of what we can do.

How to order: you can order these items directly from our online shop.

If you would like something a little different, we can work from a sketch or a picture and we will work with you to find the perfect solution.

The production time for each product varies, but generally we will be able to work to a delivery within two weeks, or quicker. If you need your displays quicker, talk to us today!

Not sure what you need for your shop/stall/café? Send us an email with some details about your business and we will contact you to help you work it out!

For all the examples listed below the following applies:

  • All wood is sanded but not sealed, however we can coat/stain/paint your display (at an extra cost).
  • Delivery can be arranged but is not included in the price, pick-up from Bibra Lake.

Tiered earring card display tower

This ply wood tiered earring display is perfect for shop and market, making use of vertical space. The sturdy display has four tiers with four slots each, which provides space for at least 75 product cards.

All made out of beautiful 18mm Birch ply.

This is a perfect display for your earrings, pins or small cards. As with all our displays, it folds flat for easy transport and it very easy to assemble – not tools required.

The tiered display is available in three sizes: 40, 50 and 60cm wide.

For more information and to order, go to the listing in the shop.


The logo board on the top is an optional extra ($20).

Vertical earring collage

Slotted jewellery display board – square, rectangle or circle

These super practical display board have angled slots to display your earring (pin) cards. Logo engraving is optional.

Please visit our shop for more information about the square and rectangle boards and/or the circular boards.

Jewellery displays with optional logo engraving

These small displays are perfect for showing off your  jewellery. They are made from beautiful 3mm ply and they can be engraved with your logo.

Our jewellery range has displays for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
The full range can be found in our shop.

Price – $24.95 incl. GST
Logo engraving – $5.50 incl. GST 


Tiered Display unit

Stylish tiered display with shelves out of 12mm ply and pine or meranti uprights.
Easy no-screw assembly, transports flat. Overall size and number of shelves can be customised, for example:
7-tiered, 1200 x 1800mm (wxh) – $375 ex. GST
7-tiered, 900 x 1800mm (wxh)  – $325 ex. GST
5-tiered table top, 800 x 300 x 1100mm – $245 ex. GST

Order this tiered display today, delivery within two weeks.

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Display unit with pegboard

180 x 180cm (w x h) 7-tiered display (120cm) with attached pegboard (60cm).

Pegboard attaches with Velcro for easy assembly/transport. 12mm pine shelves and pegboard, pine or meranti uprights. Peg holes spaced 10cm apart.
Includes six 10cm pegs and two shelves.

Price for display + pegboard: $520 ex. GST

Extra pegs (100mm)- $10 for 8
Extra shelves (600 x 80mm) – $15 each
Pegboard rung (600 x 100mm) – $30 each

Order this display unit with pegboard today, delivery within two weeks.

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Free-standing ply pegboard/wall

9mm ply display board with pine or meranti supports in two versions: as a pegboard or
as a plain display wall. Easy assembly (with wing nuts, no screws) and transport.

Pegboard small: 600 x 1800mm (w x h) – $225 ex. GST
Pegboard large: 1200 x 1800mm (w x h) – 275 ex. GST

Includes six 10cm pegs and two shelves. Peg holes spaced 10cm apart.

Extra pegs (100mm) – $10 for 8 ex. GST
Extra shelves (600 x 80mm) – $15 each ex. GST
Pegboard rung (600 x 100mm) – $30 each ex. GST

Click here to order a pegboard.

Display wall/backing board
Singular panel: 1000 x 2000mm (w x h) – $115 ex. GST
Corner panel: 2 x 1000 x 2000mm panels at a 90 degree angle – $225 ex. GST

Click here to order a display wall/backing board

MDF Option: these pegboards and walls can also be made out of MDF which is a slightly cheaper (but less attractive) option. If you are thinking of painting your display, MDF might be a suitable option. Prices available on request.

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Card display unit

This card display unit was designed with pop-up markets and shops in mind. It looks professional yet it is very easy to assemble and light to transport. It is made to order so we can create it for any size/quantity of cards.

500 x 650 x 200mm (w x h x d) – $165 ex. GST

Click here to order this card display unit.


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Trestle tables

15mm plywood top plus two pine or meranti trestles.
Velcro strips applied for extra stability.

1200 x 600 x 700mm (l x w x h) – $195 ex. GST

You can order a trestle table from our online shop.

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Plinths/product boxes

12mm plywood boxes for product display.

Set of 3 nesting boxes: largest 500 x 500 x 500mm – $185 ex. GST
Set of 3 nesting risers: 600 x 300, 200, 100 x 150mm (w x h, h, h x d) – $95 ex. GST
Tall plinth: 500 x 1200 x 500 (w x h x d) – $85 ex. GST

To order a set of three plinths/product boxes, click here.

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Set of three nesting risers

This is a simple but very effective display option: a set of three nesting risers out of 15mm ply. They measure 600mm wide x 150mm deep and they are 300, 200 and 100mm high.

Set of three – $95 ex. GST

Click here to order a set of three nesting risers.


Cake cabinet recycled wood

Two-tiered display cabinet made out of recycled timber.
Acrylic sides and shelf. (Screen) door optional.

400 x 300 x 400mm (l x w x h) – from $350 ex. GST

To order a custom cake cabinet, please send us an email with the size you requires, as well as the number of shelves. We will get back to you to confirm the details.

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Angled risers

For display of prints/frames.
6mm ply with pine.

220 x 200 x 50mm (l x w x h) – set of four $50 ex. GST

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These are only a few examples of the display solutions we can offer. Remember, they are all made to order and can be exactly the size that you require.

Call Steve on 0402 783 765 or send us an email with any enquiries about our work.